Wevideo Review: The Best tool to Create and Edit Videos!

Wevideo Review: The best tool to Create and Edit Videos!

Have you heard about WeVideo? If you haven’t used it, it’s a powerful, user-friendly, cloud-based platform for editing and creating videos. WeVideo’s advanced features, benefits, and drawbacks will all be covered in our Dollarsbag review.

 WeVideo: What is It?

With up to 30M registered users, WeVideo is one of the world’s most popular online video editing services and platforms.

We do! WeVideo is our TOP PICK in this category because it is versatile, simple to use, and entirely cloud-based. It also costs a fraction of what competing video editing tools do.

The video editing and movie creation tool from WeVideo is highly user-friendly. It is entirely up to you whether you want to utilize it from a desktop computer or a mobile device. This makes it a practical choice for businesspeople who need to publish material on the go as well as people who wish to edit movies from the convenience of their homes.

In either case, users of the WeVideo app may quickly capture, edit, crop, view, storyboard, and share their work. You can use the cloud app to store video footage and work on online video production (video maker) projects without any problems, as we’ve already hinted at. Thanks to this, you may now access your work from any location and on any device.

wevideo editing
Wevideo Review: The Best tool to Create and Edit Videos!

WeVideo’s key characteristics:

Users may access a tonne of amazing WeVideo features thanks to WeVideo. You may easily create professional-looking videos with their assistance. Let’s investigate them in more depth…

There are many stock videos and photos available on WeVideo. There may be more than a million commercially-licensed images, video clips, and songs available for your selection. WeVideo’s premium Professional and Business plans include this. The days of paying for stock content each time you made a new video are long gone.

Software for video editing with color correction. There are many color-correction editing tools available on WeVideo, including:

  • Luminosity,
  • Contrast, and
  • Saturation
  • Color corrections

Everything you need to make simple edits is available on WeVideo. WeVideo is probably not the best option for you if color correcting is something you take seriously.

There is no requirement to copy your work from your computer to a tablet or to back it up on a USB stick and transmit it from editor to editor. Instead, you merely back up your work by uploading it to the cloud (cloud storage). This is not only practical, but you can stop worrying about data damage brought on by malfunctioning hardware. You may be sure that WeVideo will never let you lose any saved edits.

You’ll be happy to know that immediately uploading video content from WeVideo to YouTube (and other video platforms) is simple. You don’t have to download your video clip and post it again on YouTube. WeVideo takes care of everything.

No matter whatever paid plan you choose, you may easily upload your films to several networks. You can upload your work to: in addition to YouTube.

You may upload files to FTP, Wistia, and Vidcaster directly from the WeVideo dashboard, though, provided you subscribe to the “Unlimited” plan.


Characteristics for high-quality editing:

  1. Movie names (including holiday season-themed ones)
  2. a tool for editing green screens
  3. a voice-over device
  4. a slow-motion component
  5. Screen casting
  6. Work can be synced across many platforms (iOS, Android App and Web)
  7. Email assistance
  8. Videos can be made in both square and vertical formats.
  9. You can choose to export just the audio track.
  10. Options for social media marketing
  11. enhanced export possibilities
  12. flexible frame rate
  13. For your videos, you can make your templates.
  14. Tools for cooperation and sharing (collaborative video)

Review of WeVideo:

let’s look at some benefits of We Video:

  • It Is Simple To Use
  •  WeVideo also offers better titling functionality. Drag one of WeVideo’s text templates to the “Graphics” or “Effects” track to create a title.
  • Select the title from the preview window after that. From there, you can alter the text using sophisticated text editing.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the copy, simply select FX. By doing this, a selection of fonts becomes available. The text’s position, color, and size can all be changed. In addition, there are options for bold, italicized, and underlined text.
  • In addition, WeVideo boasts over thirty effects, like dream, emboss, blur, sharpen, and zoom, to name a few. In addition, there are about 50 different types of transitions. Simply drag your preferred transition between the two target clips to build transitions in a matter of seconds.
  • WeVideo offers expert stock photos.
  • High-Quality Customer Service

How Much Will You Pay for WeVideo Video Editor?

Users of WeVideo have a choice of four premium bundles for both individuals and businesses, as well as a free version.

We’ll break them down in a bit more detail below:

The Free Bundle

As we’ve already indicated, WeVideo is available without charge (on a single-seat license, with no free trial restriction). However, for video editing, the highest resolution of your videos is only 480p. Additionally, the amount of online storage you can use is simply 1 GB. Not to mention, you are only permitted to export five minutes of watermarked video per month that is “worth for money.”

 The Power Plan ($9.99 per month)

For individuals who want to compile their home recordings into slideshows, this bundle is excellent. It’s perfect for turning memories that have been captured into something a little more unique.

What you get for your money is as follows:

  1. a license for one seat
  2. A maximum of 30 minutes’ worth of 720p HD video can be released per month.
  3. Premium editing tools are available on desktop, iOS (iPhone), and Android gadgets (Android App).
  4. You can add movie titles.
  5. You can make films that are square, vertical, or horizontal.
  6. The Unlimited Plan is priced at $19.99 per month.
  7. The ideal user of this bundle is a passionate amateur video editor. You will receive a single-seat license, along with everything else
  8. included in the “Power” package, along with: having a limitless number of videos available for publication
  9. 4K Ultra HD quality
  10. VIP video processing and assistance are available.

The Professional Plan, ( $39.99 per month)

This package is for you if you’re an entrepreneur or a video marketer, so pay attention. You will receive everything from the previous two options in addition to:

  1. Business motion titles of the highest caliber for outstanding videos
  2. Additional strategies for social marketing
  3. Access to one million pieces of media with commercial licenses is unrestricted.

The Business Plan( $59.99 a month)

Small firms and marketing departments of bigger companies are best suited for this.

  1. Obtaining a team license with three seats
  2. It’s possible to make your video templates.
  3. Tools for sharing and cooperation are available (for collaborative editing)


How do I get rid of the WeVideo watermark?

Subscribing is the only way to get rid of the watermark on WeVideo. Although it may not be what you were hoping to “hear,” this is the only way to use it to create videos.

Is WeVideo suitable for YouTube?

Yes, WeVideo is useful for uploading to YouTube, making videos you wish to retain for yourself, and building an online family library where you can put all the movies you want to watch repeatedly. With your premium membership, you may use the free music that is legally available to you. You can also utilize photographs or other videos, and you can select whether you want it to be square, vertical, or horizontal.

If I no longer need WeVideo, is it simple to cancel?

Yes, you can cancel WeVideo on the main website without having to wait anxiously for customer service or email confirmation. You can continue to use the software until the date of your purchase even after you cancel your subscription.

We do! WeVideo is our TOP PICK in this category because it is versatile, simple to use, and entirely cloud-based. It also costs a fraction of what competing video editing tools do.

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