Albert Review 2022: The new way to bank, save and invest!

Albert Review 2022: The new way to bank, save and invest!

A financial app called Albert provides numerous financial services, including cash accounts, cash-back incentives, and auto-investing (see our complete review of Albert Cash and Savings). It provides automated portfolios and self-directed trading for investments.

The Company also has a group of specialists (whom it refers to as “geniuses”) that can respond to any inquiries you may have regarding financial matters.

Albert Review 2022: The new way to bank, save and invest!
Albert Review 2022: The new way to bank, save and invest!

Mobile devices running iOS and Android can access Albert.

A financial services app is called Albert. Although it isn’t a bank, it provides banking services through Sutton Bank, which is FDIC-insured. To assist Americans in achieving financial stability is the goal. No monthly or overdraft fees apply to Albert. The app offers savings, budgeting, and investing tools in addition to banking. Albert suggests a group of financial specialists called Genius for advice on money matters. An interest-free advance, cash-back incentives, and early paycheck access are available to users.

Is Albert dependable?

Personal Finance Insider analyses each platform’s Better Business Bureau profile to determine the credibility of each organization. The bureau rates businesses based on how successfully it thinks they engage with customers. The BBB currently rates Albert with an A-.

Albert provides straightforward services to make handling your finances more manageable. Albert simplifies the process of comprehending your money and accumulating wealth by offering the option to save or invest automatically and by analyzing your spending and saving patterns.

Albert Services:

A variety of financial services are provided by Albert. Albert can assist you if you’re seeking for banking, savings, investment, or other services. The company provides the following services:

Cash: This option comes with a debit card, access to advance paychecks, cash-back incentives, free use of ATMs at Allpoint locations, no minimum balance requirement, and no monthly fees.

Savings: To help you find methods to save money, the app analyses your income and expenditures. You can specify your own schedule or have it deducted automatically from your account. An annual cash bonus for your savings will be given to you.

Investing: Buy individual stocks or select themes for the company, such as sustainability or female leadership. You get a personalised portfolio from Genius. You can programme it to make regular, automatic investments.

Albert exclusively offers this particular chargeable service. You have access to a team of professionals around-the-clock who can provide you frank financial counsel and respond to all of your financial queries. You make the payment you deem appropriate.

Albert Fees:

There aren’t many fees for Albert. Albert expressly doesn’t charge monthly service fees or overdraft fees because the company’s mission is to aid Americans in achieving financial stability.

The Genius service has a fee, but you may choose how much you want to spend, according to the business. Genius’ current monthly minimum is $6. You only need $1 to get started investing.


  • No recurring monthly fees
  • Cash-back incentives
  • Option for a cash advance


  • No access via mobile check deposit apps

Is Albert Safe?

Use of the app Albert is secure. Your funds are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 in coverage. A number of practical services offered by Albert can make boosting your money a less strenuous procedure. There are several benefits to it, such as no fees and cash-back incentives. Overall, if you’re looking for a mobile banking solution, we suggest taking Albert into account.

BBB ratings also take into account the type of business, length of operation, licence and governmental actions, as well as a history of customer complaints.

According to its BBB profile, it resolved roughly 100 complaints over the course of the previous 12 months. There are no lawsuits or public scandals in Albert’s past.

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