LifePoints: Here’s more about the Survey Site you should know

LifePoints: Here’s more about the Survey Site you should know

How Do LifePoints Work?

On the website LifePoints, users can express their ideas in exchange for reward points. The parent firm of LifePoints is Lightspeed, a pioneer in specialised research analysis on a global scale. Residents of Canada and the US can join LifePoints, which has 5,000,000 members worldwide. You may or may not be familiar with the company’s previous moniker, Global Test Market.

Key Features of LifePoints:

  • Every survey that members complete earns them points.
  • $5 is the low payout threshold
  • multiple options for payment
  • The minimum age to participate is simply 16
life points survey
LifePoints: Here’s more about the Survey Site you should know

How to Begin Using LifePoints:

Using the LifePoints app, you may sign up from a computer or a mobile device. You must first provide a password and your email address. You will receive an email from LifePoints confirming your account.

Like any other survey provider, LifePoints asks you to complete a quick profile so they may collect the usual demographic data, such as your age, address, and gender.

LifePoints is currently giving new members a 10-point welcome bonus when they sign up.

Taking part in their market research surveys is the main way to earn LifePoints. You can earn anywhere between 20 and 500 points, depending on the length and significance of the survey. I appreciate that even if you are rejected from taking a survey, you will still be paid. Not all paid survey sites act in that manner.

If you are motivated to gain points, the fact that LifePoints delivers surveys more frequently than other websites is good news. LifePoints surveys typically last between 10 and 20 minutes, but they can last as little as two minutes or as much as an hour.

The kinds of businesses and goods LifePoints will ask your opinion on are listed below:

mobile phones
Online retailers like Amazon and Walmart
Internet-based streaming services
Your recent acquisitions

The variety of incentives you can obtain while using your LifePoints is one of their benefits. Along with hundreds of virtual gift cards, you also have the option to collect PayPal cash or donate money to a good cause.

Although LifePoints has the right to alter reward values at any time, generally speaking, redeeming points for e-gift cards offers the best value. You have more purchasing alternatives with PayPal cash payments, but it takes more points to earn the same amount of money as a gift card.

For instance, 550 LifePoints will get you a $5 Amazon card, but 1,200 points, or slightly more than double, will get you a $10 PayPal card.

LifePoints: Is It Real?

True, LifePoints is real. The main company has millions of members globally and has been in operation for many years. Furthermore, using them is free. They provide a privacy assurance on their website, and the business privacy policy is easily accessible. Naturally, keep in mind that businesses are using the thoughts you express to develop products and services.

Product evaluation
On occasion, you can be given the chance to test a product for free, assisting firms in gathering real-world feedback on fresh goods. This is a fantastic perk if you enjoy receiving free things.

LifePoints Assistance:
A customer support team at LifePoints responds to members’ inquiries. Making a request on the internet is the most effective approach to contact the assistance centre. However, you should first look through the website’s FAQ area as it can contain the answer to your query the quickest before getting in touch with the LifePoints team.

Cons and Pros of LifePoints


  1. Free to join
  2. Many opportunities for earning money and plenty of surveys
  3. Opportunities for product testing
  4. tracking behaviour to increase points
  5. Quickly earn incentives with a minimal minimum payout.


  1. After three years, points expire, meaning awards are forfeited.
  2. PayPal Cash only offers email customer support, and it can take up to 10 working days.

LifePoints Review: Conclusion:

Like any other paid survey website, I think LifePoints offers a simple approach to get money and prizes. But let’s face it, taking paid surveys won’t enable you to leave your 9–5 job. However, you can enhance your earnings by joining several survey websites; after all, they are all free.

Utilize websites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Opinion Inn in addition to your LifePoints earnings.

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