Review of LifePoints: Are Paid Surveys Worth Your Time?

Review of LifePoints: Are Paid Surveys Worth Your Time?

LifePoints is one of best survey platforms available on the internet.  If you love to earn money through fillin surveys, then this is for you. Today, Dollars Bag bring you review of LifePoints. Read on to know more.

How Do LifePoints Work?

A free online platform called LifePoints offers prizes for completing surveys and other tasks like product testing, behavior tracking, and mini-polls. They have members in more than 40 nations and gave more than $22 million to members just last year.

Lightspeed is a multinational research and analysis company that developed LifePoints. It acts as a focal point for market research and provides customers with the chance to have their say on what products and services will be offered in the future.

Review of LifePoints: Are Paid Surveys Worth Your Time?
Review of LifePoints: Are Paid Surveys Worth Your Time?

It operates as follows:

Company X is interested in learning more about consumer preferences.
The survey is distributed to LifePoints members who fall within the target audience after they employ Lightspeed to create it, collect, and evaluate the results.
Members who are eligible and finish the survey receive LifePoints. Members can use their LifePoints to buy gifts, donate to charities, or get credit on PayPal.
Each survey has a different reward rate; some may award 60 LifePoints while others award 350.What are LifePoints worth, then? Depending on how you use them, but between 8.3 and 9.09 cents per unit. To put it another way, you can usually exchange 550 LifePoints for a $5 gift card.

LifePoints: Is It Legit?

Yes, LifePoints is a trustworthy website that offers prizes to users over the age of 18. You’ll receive the guaranteed points if you successfully complete surveys. And when you’ve racked up enough points, the benefits are genuine.

Create a free LifePoints account to start earning money by taking surveys, and you can start earning money right away! Start on a phone or a desktop computer.

How to Use LifePoints to Earn Money:

When you join in to the LifePoints website, you may access the available surveys—they are on the front page. Each month, LifePoints will also receive invites to participate in surveys.

Most surveys start off with a set of demographic and fundamental behavioural inquiries to see if you suit the intended population. If so, you continue with the survey’s remaining questions. You are screened out and sent to the end if you don’t.

Signing Up

For signing up, confirming your email address, and answering a few questions about your household to help survey possibilities match you with you, you will each receive 10 LifePoints.

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Keeping track of behaviour

LifePoints may send behaviour diaries to users through email, asking them to record how frequently they perform particular behaviours. Development of new products or services is guided by this information.

For instance, I was given the opportunity to record all credit card transactions for a month in exchange for 1,000 LifePoints during a survey.

When you have enough LifePoints, you can exchange them for one of the following:

  • Cash from PayPal
  • digital gift card
  • Contribution to charity

You only need to earn 205 points to donate $1.80 to UNICEF. You need 550 points to buy a $5 Amazon gift card. The least amount of PayPal credit you are permitted to request is $10, which costs 1,200 points. (*Please be aware that LifePoint values are liable to change at any time.)

The greatest use of your LifePoints is to exchange them for a gift card or a minimum $5 donation to charity (the $1.80 UNICEF donation has a somewhat lower worth). The value of each LifePoint when redeemed in this manner is approximately 9 cents.

You can exchange your points for cash at a slightly lower value of 8.3 cents per point if you want the flexibility of cash. Keep in mind that your PayPal email and the email address you used to register with LifePoints must match. If not, you must link your PayPal account to the LifePoints email.

It could take up to 10 business days to get your redemption, whether you choose to get a gift card or PayPal credit.

The benefits of LifePoints:

You are aware of the duration and potential earnings of the surveys – The survey topics aren’t disclosed in advance, but the expected completion time and the payout percentage are. This is significant because you are upfront about the time investment and the expected reward. If you only have a few minutes to spare, focus on the 5-minute surveys and postpone the longer 30-minute ones.

Earn Rewards Quickly – I enjoy that you may exchange as few as 550 LifePoints for a gift card. In all likelihood, you could make that in the first week.

Flexible Redemption Options: You can redeem your LifePoints for a variety of well-known gift cards (including those from Amazon, Groupon, iTunes, and other retailers), a PayPal credit, or a donation to a worthy cause. There is something for everyone because of the variety.

Possibility to Influence the Development of Products and Services – You might not think this matters, but some people appreciate the thought of contributing to the product and service development process

Who is the ideal LifePoints user?

  1. People Who Enjoy Sharing Their Opinions – LifePoints is most suited for those who don’t mind doing surveys and giving their opinions, as it is essentially a survey rewards platform.
  2. People Looking to Make a Small Amount of Extra Cash – If you’re eager to make a few extra cash here and there, paid surveys are an easy, no-commitment method to accomplish it.
  3. Anyone Without Time for a Side Hustle – I’ll be frank: I don’t believe doing surveys for cash is the best use of time for someone looking to increase their wealth. However, not everyone in need of extra cash has the time to work a side gig or a part-time employment.

Impatient Individuals If you don’t have much patience, you can feel frustrated if you have to try several surveys before you’re accepted. It could be advisable to forego LifePoints in favour of a system like MyPoints that pays users for other online activities such as browsing and watching videos.

make money with LifePoints online surveys

Conclusion: Is LifePoints Time Well Spent?

LifePoints does not offer rewards to its users for online gaming, video viewing, or purchasing, in contrast to several other paid survey sites. You need to be willing to participate in surveys in order to gain from it. You must also exercise patience because qualifying might occasionally be challenging.

How much free time you have and how committed you are to working extra hours are additional factors to take into account. Taking surveys might fill in the gaps if you just have brief periods of free time and want to earn a little more money.

People who want to generate real money but have longer spans of spare time may be better off exploring a side business, a second employment, or passive income alternatives.

Overview of LifePoints:

LifePoints can be an excellent method to get a little additional money if you enjoy taking surveys. Simply register for free, post your thoughts, and start making money.

You can exchange the points you earn for money, gift cards, and other items. Even better, you can give your proceeds to a good cause.

However, LifePoints does not pay its users for playing games, watching movies, or doing online shopping. You must be willing to offer your opinion simply through surveys in order to take advantage of it. You must also exercise patience because qualifying might occasionally be difficult.

Having said that, using LifePoints is a very simple method to earn extra money and incentives during your free time.

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