Sunsky Wholesale-Dropshipping Review: Good or Bad?

Sunsky Wholesale-Dropshipping Review: Good or Bad?

One of the leading electronic goods distributor SUNSKY specializes in mobile phone accessories. The success of SUNSKY today is a result of a fantastic team that shares the ideals of trust. or Shenzhen Sunsky Technology Limited only sell electronic goods, including laptops, digital devices, gaming equipment, mobile phones and their accessories, and many more.

Oaken Technology Group Limited, which owns multiple factories, is the owner of Sunsky-Online. They collaborate with numerous OEM businesses all over the world, which establishes their credibility. The business is a safe place to shop and is wonderful for wholesalers.

Sunsky Wholesale-Dropshipping Review: Good or Bad?
Sunsky Wholesale-Dropshipping Review: Good or Bad?


They are experts in electronic products such as mobile phones, tablet computers, digital goods, ipads and iPhones, games, laptops, computers, mobile phone accessories, surveillance and security, auto accessories, and home care. Sunsky-products’s are so varied, and they are up on the newest developments in the electronics market.

Handling and Shipping

There are some products that they cannot send to specific countries, so you should verify the product first. If the product cannot be shipped to your country automatically, they will email or contact the customer. They ship their products worldwide. Although they mention that some products may have higher shipping prices, the delivery cost of the product you see when you check is the fixed rate and there are no hidden fees. They also provide insurance for your products, and you can ask them for pricing on the insurance rate for your product.

Returns and warranties

All of their products come with a one-year warranty, so if something needs fixing, get in touch with them right away. If the item was damaged in transit, you can return it, but you must notify them of the damage within 7 days of receiving your order. You have 28 days to notify them of the defective damage to the things you ordered if your order arrives with it. If a refund is required, they will do so and be available at all times to address your issues.

Payment Procedure

They accept wire transfers, western union, and PayPal as well as other payment methods. However, it is recommended that you use PayPal because it is safe, secure, and allows you to track your payment history and dispute any discrepancies right away.


  • Accepts payments using PayPal
  • Some High-Quality items
  • Prices that are competitive


  • Does not provide free shipping

The shipping day is for 2–5 days, so after 2 weeks of waiting, I finally received my order. When I opened the package, the packing wasn’t particularly attractive, but the product itself was fine and I didn’t notice any problems with it. It is also quite portable, so I could take it anyplace. They answer to my message right away, even though I need to wait a few minutes because I am not their only customer. So far, their services and products are good.


Since this website possesses the attributes of a reputable website and is secure to shop at, I recommend it. If you’re seeking for electronic products, there are many China wholesale websites that sell electronic products because they promise you a high-quality product at an extremely low price. I suppose that this will now be one of your possibilities, and you can shop with security and confidence here.

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