Sharing stories: In one day, how I made $1,000?

Sharing stories: In one day, how I made $1,000? Another day, another story. Here’s a story of an aspiring digital marketer Steve. He made a good amount in a short time. let’s look at his story in this post

I earned 1,600 dollars for a minute of time invested, and this is not clickbait. During the next few weeks at least, I expect to make at least 6,000 dollars on this.

You need both curiosity and imagination. Consider this simple example. Brave Browser is one of my most recent discoveries. It’s amazing!

Sharing stories: In one day, how I made $1,000?
Sharing stories: In one day, how I made $1,000? (representation )

Last week, I saw on Twitter that Brave browser created an affiliate program and pays $5 for every new installation (for those who have YouTube channels and other kinds of blogs).

Getting my affiliate link and sending it out to my 3500+ Telegram group, I thought, “I should try it out.”. As of today, 320 people have downloaded Brave Browser using my affiliate link (that’s roughly $1600 = 320 installs x $5 each).

Next, we will proceed with the following. I plan to make a video and tell my 29k YouTube subscribers about this browser, technology, and Brendan Each. I anticipate at least 1000 browser installs in the next few weeks. Moreover, they pay me in BAT, which is a promising token in 2019 that has a potential upside of at least 20X.

It’s that simple.

Opportunities abound all around us. The only thing you need to do is turn on “Search” mode.

  • Affiliate programs do not require an initial investment to make money
  • Look for opportunities around you and be open to them
  • Always use your imagination and be creative
  • We have plenty of opportunities that are free. We can read, listen, and think.
  • You have a blog about cryptocurrency, for example. Search for “best crypto affiliate program” and you will find at least 20 ideas for your
  • next blog post that will make you money.

I reviewed Nano Ledger S using this approach. I like this wallet, so I decided to make a full review. I pasted an affiliate link in the description and made 45 dollars within 12 hours.

This should be sufficient to make my point clear.

For those who will say “Oh, but I don’t have a blog and this kind of thing”. I didn’t have a blog nine months ago, either.
Wishing you the best.

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