Bitcoin Drops Below $20,000 as Crypto Winter Continues

Bitcoin Drops Below $20,000 as Crypto Winter Continues

Bitcoin’s price went below $20,000 on Saturday, the first time it has done so since November 2020. The Bitcoin sell-off is part of a broader crypto winter in which the prices of various digital currencies have plummeted. A lot of factors have contributed to the drop in Bitcoin prices, including growing inflation, rising interest rates, … Read more

Is Bitcoin is ridiculous and Blockchain is dangerous?

Bitcoin is ridiculous, Blockchain is dangerous

Bitcoin and blockchain technology have been the hottest topics of discussion in recent years. While some have hailed them as revolutionary forms of currency and technology, others are far more skeptical. In this blog, we’ll take a look at why some people think Bitcoin is ridiculous and why blockchain technology is dangerous. Before we start, … Read more

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