Oprah Winfrey promise to make ‘Major Donation’ to Maui

Oprah Winfrey promise to make 'Major Donation' to Maui
Oprah Winfrey promise to make ‘Major Donation’ to Maui


Oprah Winfrey has stepped forward to assist families in need in the wake of the deadly Maui wildfires. The well known former talk show presenter, who is currently 69 years old, has committed to giving “major donation” to those impacted by the fires. Winfrey recently made video that was shared on Instagram in which she reaffirmed her commitment to helping the neighbourhood through this trying period.

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Reflecting on the events of the past week, Winfrey shared her newfound realization that when faced with uncertainty, the best course of action is to do whatever one can to make a positive impact. With this mindset, she visited one of the large shelters at the War Memorial Stadium to gain a better understanding of the immediate needs of the affected individuals. Empathizing with their situations, Winfrey took it upon herself to go shopping for essential items like towels, sheets, shampoo, and other necessities.

However, Winfrey’s support doesn’t stop there. She expressed her intention to make a significant contribution once the smoke and ash settle, and the rebuilding process begins. With her vast resources and influence, Winfrey hopes to play a crucial role in helping the community recover and rebuild after this tragic event. By waiting for the situation to stabilize, she aims to assess the most effective ways to address the needs of those affected and contribute meaningfully to the recovery efforts.

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