Grounded Stars or Illusion? Decoding the Enigma

There are a number of optical tricks that confound us. Recently, a similar video has been popular on social media. IAS officer Supriya Sahu posted a video in which it appears as though the stars have touched the earth. That’s not the case, though. Are you able to identify it before the video ends?

The clip opens to show a little twinkling in the dark. At first, it may seem like it’s a video of stars. However, as the clip goes on, you will realise that it is, in fact, just the eyes of deer in a forest. In the caption of the post, IAS Supriya Sahu wrote, “These are not stars on the ground but a massive herd of deer with shining eyes in Mudumalai.”

It was circulated on August 16th. It has had over 10,000 views since it was posted. Over 500 others have also liked the video. Many others also raced to the post’s comments section to express their responses.


What people are saying about this video is as follows:

Like dazzling lights, someone wrote. Really wonderful, ma’am. “You are very lucky to have seen such a big herd of deer,” the second person said.

Wow. That’s a great sight, madam, said a third. A fourth said, “At first I couldn’t understand what it was in the dark, then I realized it’s nature’s beauty.”

A fifth remarked, “Never saw a picture of deer’s bright eyes. I appreciate you sharing such a unique one. Sixth person: “Wow! fantastic, madam You are fortunate to have this kind of chance.





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