“27-Year Burger King Staff Receives ₹3 Crore Donations: Why?”

A Burger King employee who has dedicated 27 years to the company has received $400,000 (or roughly Rs. 3 crore) in crowdsourced donations. Yet why? When he revealed in a video in June that he hasn’t had a vacation in over three decades, Kevin Ford, a chef and cashier at the Burger King in the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, went viral. One of Kevin Ford’s daughters, Seryna Ford, launched a GoFundMe campaign after his tale gained widespread attention to ask for money from anyone who believed Ford deserved better for his service.

He remained to work there, per this page, “because to the wonderful health insurance that was offered by this employer because it was unionized. With comprehensive healthcare coverage, he was able to send all four of his daughters through high school and college.
This GoFundMe page received a ton of donations recently and has now amassed $4,22,205. A Kevin Ford update on this website states: “Update! need to thank everyone for permanently altering our lives! The grandchildren Jovahn, Charli, and Clara, as well as the daughters Xierra, Seryna, Elle, and Nevaeh, are doing fantastically well! Keep in mind that you will experience the next miracle! God be with you and your family always.A lot of people have also wished him well and written comments on his GoFundMe page.

Kevin Ford, a Burger King employee who has worked at the organisation for decades


Here are some comments made about Kevin Ford:

Kevin is an outstanding human being who is incredibly appreciative and humble, despite the fact that the gifts he received from Burger King and his coworkers were so meager. This man is an amazing human being who is also a caring and devoted father, and we could all learn a lot from him! I can’t help but want to be like him! Good luck with your retirement!”

“Thank you for being such a great worker,” said the second. I admire you. “I admire Mr. Ford’s commitment to his work and strong work ethic. Great work Mr. Ford!” a third said.

Enjoy your well-deserved retirement, wrote a fourth. It’s time for you to get something for yourself because you’ve given so much to everyone else. Five people remarked, “Way to go! Please take some time off. You merit it.




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