THE Sandman REview

Netflix seems to have found a winner on its hands in the latest series The Sandman

It is an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's horror novel of the same name

The series follows Tom Sturridge's Morpheus, the king of dreams, who escapes after being held captive for 105 years and sets out to restore order in his kingdom

The Sandman has been receiving largely positive reviews

Looking at the early reviews, The Sandman will occupy a place in the hearts of the fans as they eagerly await another season of the series.

A watcher said, "This is pure creativity, pure magic and myth. Tom Sturridge looks and acts as if born to the role of Morpheus (sic)." 

“With its attention to the source material, its impressive cast, and the kind of expansive world-building that surely demands more seasons, The Sandman is what dreams are made of.”

#TheSandman early review: Neil Gaiman with his brilliant team and cast have made a beautiful and intricately woven visual adaptation of The Sandman graphic novel

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