Times Mega Property Expo 2023 Highlights

Times Mega Property Expo 2023 Highlights

Times Mega Property Expo 2023 Highlights
Times Mega Property Expo 2023 Highlights

The recent Times Mega Property Expo held in Hyderabad was a clear indication of the city’s thriving real estate sector. Organized by The Times of India, the event brought together 40 prominent builders and received substantial attention from potential buyers. The expo highlighted Hyderabad as the second most desirable real estate market in India, following the lead of Mumbai.

The event’s chief guest, Minister KTR, emphasized the critical role of infrastructure in attracting property buyers. He highlighted the provision of uninterrupted electricity, safe drinking water, and improved safety measures as significant drivers of the city’s real estate growth. Minister KTR also shared an optimistic vision for Hyderabad’s future, stating that what has been achieved so far is just the beginning.


Enhancing Social Infrastructure Ajitesh Korupolu (ASBL):

Hyderabad has made significant progress in transportation and maintaining law and order. However, it is now imperative to focus on improving the city’s services and overall livability. Robust urban design practices and policies are crucial. Singapore provides a notable example, demonstrating the potential of transformative urban planning.

Venkataramana Parimi (PVR Developers):

The foundation of the city’s growth lies in its social infrastructure. Without adequate social amenities, marketing real estate becomes a formidable challenge. Fortunately, the current administration recognizes the importance of enhancing road connectivity and social amenities throughout the city and its suburbs.


Revamping Sidewalks and Parking Facilities

Kranti Kiran Reddy (Janapriya): We must prioritize the implementation of automated parking systems and the revitalization of our sidewalks. The conventional approach of constructing multi-level underground parking structures is inefficient, and we should explore sustainable alternatives, such as solar-powered options. To enhance our infrastructure, fostering collaboration between developers and regulatory bodies is imperative. Maintaining clean sidewalks and well-preserved cycling lanes are absolute necessities.

Panel Consensus: Poorly maintained sidewalks discourage citizens from walking to metro stations, emphasizing the need for inviting infrastructure. Drawing inspiration from Germany, the panel suggests incorporating monorails and electric buses to seamlessly connect different parts of the city. Additionally, increasing parking capacity at metro stations will promote bicycle usage.

In Conclusion

Following an enlightening panel discussion and the visionary insights shared by Minister KTR, the Times Mega Property Expo 2023 served as a vibrant testament to Hyderabad’s real estate resurgence. This event not only celebrated the city’s growth but also showcased its potential to become an even more significant real estate hub. As the Expo’s success concluded with the setting sun, it marked the commencement of a new chapter in Hyderabad’s real estate journey.”



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