“PM Narendra Modi: This G20 Reflects the Resounding Voice of the Global South”

Being in charge of the G20 at this pivotal time will allow India to influence several global concerns. The inclusion of the African Union, the reform of international development banks, and the emphasis on climate action are a few of them. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has successfully ensured that India plays a crucial role in addressing the problems of the Global South as the main figure leading the G20 this year.

Days before the G20 Leaders’ Summit, Modi engages in an exclusive, over 40-minute interview at his expansive, tastefully decorated office in 7, Lok Kalyan Marg. Dressed immaculately and with a relaxed demeanor, he speaks passionately about the chance India has to help address areas of global concern, how the nation’s digital public infrastructure has become the toast of the world, India as a potential manufacturing hub, and much more.

Q: International organizations are optimistic about the potential for the Indian economy to thrive at the period that India will have the G20 presidency. How, in your opinion, will the G20 summit support India’s standing as an up-and-coming economic force and a reliable voice on international economic platforms?




A summit, in my opinion, cannot improve a nation’s reputation or branding. The financial sector operates on concrete facts. It is performance-based rather than perception-based The world is aware of India’s trajectory now thanks to a variety of factors, like the way India fought the Covid-19 outbreak and assisted other nations in doing so, the way we handled our economy to make it the fastest-growing, or the way our financial and banking systems have been improving. Therefore, viewing a summit through the lens of image maintenance undercuts the growth narrative of India.

Consider the G20 summit from a global perspective. The world has seen much turmoil both during and after the Covid-19 outbreak, and it is only natural that the G20 group of nations has also felt anxious. The G20 nations also believed that attention should be paid to human-centric development rather than only discussing in terms of billions and trillions, which they felt has little influence.

According to my observations, these topics have been discussed during our G20 chairmanship. We have witnessed a change from established stances to fresh viewpoints in a great number of meetings and debates. For the first time, developed and developing nations will collaborate to find answers to the world’s challenges. By inviting the African Union, we have set the stage for inclusivity. Both the level of participation and the level of openness during our G20 presidency have been unprecedented. Because of the donations, I am sure that this will be successful of all nations. The new world order will be catalyzed by India and the G20 in India.




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