Opinion Inn Review (2022) – Fill Survey, Earn Money

Opinion Inn Review (2022) – Fill Survey, Earn Money

These days, many people take online surveys to earn a little extra money in their spare time. You can complete surveys for cash rewards on a number of websites.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Opinion Inn website, one of these online survey platforms.

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Opinion Inn – What Is It?

Online surveys are the specialty of Opinion Inn, a market research company. A survey payout, referred to as a project, can range from 50 cents to $100 according to the Opinion Inn website, which claims it’s a legit survey site with one of the “highest incentive models” in the industry.

Other sites like Swagbucks offer other earning opportunities, but Opinion Inn focuses only on paid surveys.

How does Opinion Inn Work?

Is it exciting to be paid to take a survey? Of course, it is! And Opinion Inn appears to be the right place to get a good start on getting a little extra money.

Opinion Inn also offers a $10 signup bonus for registering as a member of one of their panels. That all sounds terrific, doesn’t it? The more surveys you answer, the more money you’ll accumulate.

Opinion Inn-Why Join Us

Free to Sign Up

This is good, and not asking for bank information is a sign of a legitimate survey site. However, that doesn’t mean that saying this is trustworthy.

Signup Bonus

Sign up bonus of $10. That’s good. But the minimum payout is $25.

Models with the highest incentives

  • Pay you for your feedback on various products and services for which we will send you invitations, or
  • a normal project will pay you between $.50 and $100.

Payment Mode

You can “redeem your incentives” with a variety of payment methods. I only saw PayPal. No Amazon or Walmart gift cards.

Giving Back to the Society

There seems to be a general consensus that respondents will receive around $1 to $5 per survey. Since availability of surveys appears to be a common complaint, there probably isn’t enough money to go around.

Team of panelists available 24 hours a day

Of course, every review on Opinion Inn’s website indicates that customer service is one of its weaknesses.

No mobile app

For people who are taking surveys in their spare time (such as in the grocery store checkout line), no amount of money is going to make it worthwhile. This is one of the few online survey sites that don’t have a mobile app.

Do You Qualify for the Surveys?

You don’t need to be an expert to take those surveys, you just give your honest opinion. .

It all depends on the survey. For example, some companies may be targeting a certain demographic group of people. Others may target a particular age group.

That’s why Opinion Inn will ask you several questions in order to determine and match you to the surveys that are looking for your answers. The more questions you answer about yourself, the more surveys you’ll find available to you.

What Makes Opinion Inn Different Than Other Survey Platforms?

Other than what I just described, probably not much. They offer to pay a lot more. But they probably need to.

Most of Opinion Inn’s strengths are the big money incentives they offer. They offer the highest paying incentives across all other survey panels.

To start off, their sign up process is free. Some other survey sites require a little sum of money for you to start your journey of answering different surveys.

Not only do you not pay anything, but you also get a $10 reward for joining Opinion Inn. This will help you reach the $25 mark, which is the minimum amount you can withdraw from your account.

Not much money, and not much of a selling point.

Final thoughts on Opinion Inn

The best way to earn money during your free time is by taking part in the opinion inn survey. Seeing as you’re about to try it out, you might as well click the link below.

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