Online Nursing Prerequisites: What to Know 2023

Online Nursing Prerequisites: What to Know 2023


In our increasingly digital world, many tasks have moved online, from grocery shopping to medical consultations. Now, you can also complete your nursing prerequisites through online courses.

Prospective nursing students often need to fulfill prerequisite requirements before they can advance to more specialized nursing courses. While you could attend these classes at a local college or university, online options provide greater flexibility and eliminate the need for commuting. Some institutions even offer full nursing degree programs online. This article delves into the common prerequisites for nursing degrees and explores the advantages of completing these courses online.

Online Nursing Prerequisites: What to Know 2023
Online Nursing Prerequisites: What to Know 2023


Understanding Prerequisites: Prerequisites, in the context of nursing education, refer to the courses you must complete before gaining admission to a nursing program or enrolling in advanced nursing courses. Generally, a minimum grade of C is required in these prerequisite courses. Math and science courses are commonly among these prerequisites.

Common Nursing Prerequisites: The specific prerequisites can vary by program, but here are some examples of frequently required nursing prerequisites:

  1. Intermediate Algebra:This course covers fundamental algebra concepts, including functions, polynomial expressions, quadratic equations, and their real-world applications.
  2. Biology:A solid grasp of biology is crucial for nursing. Topics typically include cell structure, genetics, biological chemistry, and metabolism. Biology courses often incorporate both lectures and laboratory components.
  3. Human Anatomy and Physiology: These courses explore the body’s anatomical structure and physiological functions, encompassing various body systems and regulatory mechanisms.
  4. Introduction to Developmental Psychology:Nursing professionals work with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. An understanding of developmental psychology equips students to comprehend physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth. It also lays the groundwork for more advanced human development courses within nursing degree programs.

Completing Nursing Prerequisites Online: Many colleges and universities offer online options for completing nursing prerequisites, even science courses with laboratory requirements. Some institutions provide full nursing degree programs online. However, students pursuing online nursing education will likely need to arrange in-person clinical experiences at nearby medical facilities.

Benefits of Online Nursing Prerequisites: Taking your nursing prerequisites online offers several advantages, including:

  1. Schedule Flexibility:Online courses often offer more flexibility than on-campus counterparts. While synchronous classes require attendance at specific times, asynchronous courses allow students to watch lectures and complete assignments on more adaptable schedules, accommodating various commitments.
  2. Virtual Interaction: Online students can still engage virtually with professors and peers through video calls and discussion boards. Lab courses may involve virtual partnerships, enhancing collaboration opportunities.
  3. Cost Savings:Some institutions offer reduced tuition rates for online courses. Additionally, distance learning eliminates commuting and parking expenses.
  4. Access to Resources: Online students typically enjoy access to the same resources and support services available to on-campus counterparts. These resources include tutoring, research libraries, and academic advising.
  5. Test the Waters:Online prerequisites provide an excellent way to explore nursing as a career path without a significant commitment. If you’re uncertain about pursuing nursing, taking an online prerequisite course can help you determine if it aligns with your interests and goals.”
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