More than 5 Cra ITRs filed for the 2022-23 fiscal so far

Over 5 crore tax returns have been filed for the income earned in the 2022-23 fiscal year, which ended on March 31. This is a significant number and indicates the active participation of taxpayers in fulfilling their obligations. The income tax department recently tweeted that out of the 5.03 crore ITRs filed as of July 27, 2023, more than 88 percent, which is approximately 4.46 crore ITRs, have been e-verified. This highlights the increasing adoption of the electronic verification system by taxpayers, making the process more convenient and efficient.

More than 5 Cra ITRs filed for 2022-23 fiscal so far
More than 5 Cra ITRs filed for the 2022-23 fiscal so far

Moreover, out of the e-verified ITRs, more than 2.69 crore ITRs have already been processed. This indicates that the income tax department is actively working on processing tax returns and ensuring timely refunds or adjustments.

For salaried employees and those who do not have to get their accounts audited for the assessment year 2023-24, the last date for filing ITRs is July 31. This serves as a reminder for individuals who fall under this category to complete their filings within the designated timeframe.

To further support taxpayers in the ITR filing process, tax payment, and other related services, the income tax department has set up a 24×7 helpdesk. This helpdesk is available to assist taxpayers through various channels such as calls, live chats, Webex sessions, and social media. This proactive approach by the income tax department ensures that taxpayers have access to the necessary support and guidance they need during the filing process.

Overall, the significant number of tax returns filed for the 2022-23 fiscal year is a positive sign of compliance and the active involvement of taxpayers. The high percentage of e-verified ITRs showcases the growing trust in the electronic verification system. With the support and assistance provided by the income tax department, taxpayers can confidently fulfill their tax obligations and contribute to the nation’s progress.

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