“K-Culture Boom: Korean Language Rises at Bengaluru City University”

Around the world, there is a huge demand for studying Korean, and over the past two years, this need has been continuously growing in India as well. Classes in Korean grew by 30% compared to 2021 and 400% compared to 2020 at Sejong Institute and the Korean Cultural Centre in India (KCCI), which are financed by the Korean government.

More than 9,500 students took part in the KCCI-organized Korean language programs in 2022. Over the past few years, there has been a large surge in interest in the Korean language and culture due to the K-culture boom in India brought on by Korean dramas and K-Pop. As a result, there has been a sharp rise in the demand for Korean language and culture lessons and a heightened interest in Korean culture.


Korea native instructor using phrases & idioms to teach Korean language & culture at KCCI, New Delhi


In 2023, this rising trend is anticipated to persist. 90 seats in three classes of the special classes for Korean language and culture that opened for registration on January 9, 2023 were filled in under five minutes, while all 367 seats in the 18 regular classes at Sejong Institute that started on February 6, 2023 were filled in about one to three minutes. Numerous students who wished to register were disappointed to have missed the chance.

The KCCI has inked an MOU with University of Delhi on the opening and operation of Korean language classes at Motilal Nehru College, one of the institutions at Delhi University’s South Campus, in order to address the infrastructural shortage. Starting on February 4, 2023, a 12-week course is being offered. Classes in Korean will begin at the introductory level, and as more students respond, the class will be increased.

Dr. Ravindra, a history professor at the Motilal Nehru College of the University of Delhi, claimed that his interest in Korea was sparked by his family’s enthusiasm for Korean dramas. He then made the decision to take Korean language classes in preparation for the opportunity to present a talk on Indian history in Korea.

“Korean has become an important language in the world, along with the growing influence of Korea’s rapidly growing economy, geopolitical position, and culture,” said Aradhara Vashistha, a student at the university. I enrolled in the class because I believed that studying Korean would be a fantastic chance from a future standpoint.

The director of the Korean Cultural Center India, Hwang Il Yong, said, “We thank Delhi University officials for allowing us to open and operate Korean language classes at Delhi University, India’s most esteemed and significant national university. We are honored to be able to promote Korean language and culture at India’s top university. By offering a structured, superior Korean language instruction that meets Delhi University standards, we would like to express our gratitude.




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