IShowSpeed Net Worth in 2022. How Rich is the YouTuber of the Future?

IShowSpeed Net Worth in 2022. How Rich is the YouTuber of the Future? 

Darren Watkins Jr., most well-known for his internet name IShowSpeed, or simply Speed the young and renowned creator of content. He’s famous for his live gaming and entertainment streams that have garnered over a million subscribers within just a few hours. In the year 2022 IShowSpeed will have an approximate income of $1 million.

IShowSpeed Net Worth in 2022. How Rich is the YouTuber of the Future?
IShowSpeed Net Worth in 2022. How Rich is the YouTuber of the Future?

Early Life:

Watkins was born in Ohio, USA, on the 21st of January, 2005. He was raised at home for the better portion of his life. He has a brother and a small sister.

The teen has been enthralled in YouTube as well as computer-based games ever since he was a kid. Darren is currently into his second year at high school.

Before joining the community of YouTube, Darren was employed in nursing homes, providing meals to the old. He’s decided to not go to college, but instead concentrate on his YouTube business. He even said the possibility of quitting college.

Online Career:

Darren was prompted to begin making use of YouTube by an acquaintance. In April of 2020 he began posting videos on YouTube under the name IShowSpeed because he had nothing to do other than the closure of the COVID-19.

After a while the nursing home job and concentrated in uploading videos. Speed has gained a lot of fans in a very short time since he was among the few who streamed quality NBA 2k20 as well as 2k21 video.

The game also featured Fortnite Talking Tom & Friends as well as the game Five Nights in Freddy’s. His present content is inspired by his live streams previously. He also plays music that he raps in a quick-paced style. This has contributed to Darren to gain 7.01 million subscribers over the course of two years.


However, bad things happened following Watkins his fame. On December 20, 2021, Watkins got invited to Adin Live’s show on dating on Twitch. He made some moves on the social media’s most influential Ash Kaash.

The model refused to Speed who was then beginning to become aggressive. He walked away from the stream for a time, but when he came back after a while, he began attacking Ash with sexist remarks. He was removed from Twitch following that.

The most famous song of his is titled Shake which was released in November 2021, has also been an issue of debate. He danced to the questionable lyrics on the stream. His father noticed the dance and slapped his hands but the man continued to dance to his music.

Personal Life and Events:

Darren is believed to have one daughter. It is believed that he is the father of a child with a name that isn’t known. However, this has not been verified. He had a romance with Ermony Renee, but was able to break up with her when he discovered that she was engaged to him.

IShowSpeed Net Worth:

IShowSpeed has said that based on the duration the length of its streams it earns between $100 to $200 for each upload. Also, he earns money through YouTube ads, sponsorships as well as other sources.

Through the advertisements on his YouTube channel alone, he earns an estimated monthly income of $167,000. Speed makes an average of $2 million per year just from YouTube. When you add in other sources of income his income of around $1million.


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