Is It Time to Introduce AR and VR as Educational Tools to Teachers in Poland

Is It Time to Introduce AR and VR as Educational Tools to Teachers in Poland


In an exciting collaboration between Meta, VR Heroes, and the National Research Institute (NASK), a series of hands-on training workshops is set to empower teachers in Poland with the expertise to incorporate augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) into their classrooms. These workshops, catering to educators across all levels of expertise, will take place at Meta’s Warsaw community hub and utilize cutting-edge Meta Quest 2 headsets alongside dedicated educational applications. Moreover, the program includes a workshop led by NASK, delving into the profound impact of VR on students and the best practices for the safe integration of these innovative technologies into education.


Nurturing the Next Generation of Innovators Through Immersive Learning

The primary objective of these workshops is to disseminate knowledge regarding these groundbreaking technologies and introduce educators to the multitude of advantages they offer when incorporated into the core curriculum. These benefits encompass the cultivation of creative skills and digital competencies among students. Academic research has unequivocally demonstrated that VR enhances various aspects of learning, including comprehension, memorization, student engagement, attention span, and motivation.

“Using AR and VR as educational tools is a breakthrough that changes the way of learning, increasing students’ cognitive processes and their engagement. I look forward to following the progress of the Meta VR & AR for Education program in Poland. I am proud that Meta, a U.S. company, provides modern technological solutions and know-how to develop this innovative project.” – Mark Brzezinski, US Ambassador to Poland


Exploring the Internet’s Evolution through the Metaverse

While the metaverse, the forthcoming phase of the internet, exists in the virtual realm, its impact on education will be profoundly tangible. Jakub Turowski, Public Policy Director for Central and Eastern Europe at Meta, emphasizes:

“The sense of presence and the ability to even immerse oneself in the content is a fundamental part of the learning process, and is why the use of VR technology in education has so much potential. Instead of telling students what life was like in ancient Rome, we can show it to them. We can take the class on a trip to the Louvre or to the Arctic Circle. And this is not science fiction – augmented reality offers such possibilities today.”

Meta’s VR & AR for Education initiative draws inspiration from the globally adopted Meta Immersive Learning program, striving to enhance education’s accessibility through contemporary technology and foster high-quality immersive learning experiences that revolutionize the way people acquire knowledge.




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