How to implement Digital signature? check out here!

How to implement Digital signature? check out here!

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What is a digital signature?

Digital signatures can be described as electronic “fingerprints”. They are a form of coded messages that securely associate a signer and a document in a recording transaction. To provide the highest level of security and universal acceptance, digital signatures use a standard format called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). They are an implementation of electronic signature technology (eSignature) that is specific to digital signatures.

How to implement Digital signature? check out here!
How to implement Digital signature? check out here!

What is the working principle of digital signatures?

Digital signatures are just like handwritten signatures and each signer is unique. DocuSign is one of the digital signature service providers. They follow a protocol called PKI. PKI requires that the provider uses a mathematical algorithm in order to generate two long numbers called keys. One key is public and one is private. For example, JSignPdf adds digital signatures in PDF documents.

Signers electronically sign documents using their private keys. These keys are kept secure by the signer. The mathematical algorithm works as a cipher by creating data that matches the signed document (called a hash) and then encrypting it. The digital signature is created from the encrypted data. The time the document was signed is also included in the digital signature. The digital signature will be invalidated if the document is changed after signing.

How can I create a digital signature and Implement it?

JSignPdf is one of the eSignature providers that offers solutions based upon digital signature technology. This makes it simple to digitally sign documents. They offer an interface to send and sign documents online, and they work with the appropriate Certificate Authorities in order to provide trusted digital certificates. You can implement digital signature with Jsignpdf.

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More about Jsign:

JSignPdf, a Java program that adds digital signatures in PDF documents, is called JSignPdf. You can use it as a standalone program or an add-on to The application uses the jsignpdf–itxt library to manipulate PDF files (based on iText library version 2.1.7 under LGPL/MPL license). JSignPdf software is free and open-source and can be used in private and commercial sectors.

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