Do Video Doorbells Curb Crime? Police Adoption

Do Video Doorbells Curb Crime? Police Adoption

There is no denying the doorbells’ escalating popularity. According to one projection, global sales increased by 63% from 2020 to 11.7 million in 2021. The doorbells establish a wireless connection with a building before accessing a phone app. So, even if you’re not home, you can still receive a message and see a video of someone knocking on your door. The individual is also reachable by phone. If the user pays a subscription, the video footage is then normally kept on a cloud computer for a month.

However, do video doorbells actually increase home security and aid in the capture of criminals? As with any CCTV, the London Metropolitan Police claims it uses video doorbell footage as evidence to help solve crimes. He cited a May 2018 case in which a man was found guilty of manslaughter “after Met detectives assembled the case against him via video doorbell footage.”

Last year, a Somerset man who had killed his two next-door neighbors was likewise brought to justice with the use of a doorbell recording. Officers at Greater Manchester Police now frequently request residents to submit footage from doorbell cameras to aid investigations. The recordings are subsequently used as evidence or converted into still images so that public pleas can be made to help discover witnesses or identify suspects.


The doorbells record any movement outside, with the user being able to view the videos on his or her mobile phone


Doorbell video cameras are being utilized more and more frequently across all forces, according to a spokeswoman for the College of Policing, the organization that represents police professionals in England and Wales, and they are having a beneficial effect. Amazon’s Ring video doorbell is the most popular in the world. According to Dave Ward, general director of the Ring division, “We have really democratized the technology and taken home security to the next level.”

He is saying that a professional company is not required to install or maintain the doorbells. Another popular video doorbell is Google’s Nest. Rose Yao, vice president of product management at Nest, agrees that security is a major factor in why customers choose the company’s products. This includes keeping a watch out for opportunist robbers known as “porch pirates,” who prey on packages placed at people’s doorsteps.





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