Clyde AI Review: Now you can compare Credit Cards easily!

Clyde AI Review: Now you can compare Credit Cards easily!

A cutting-edge program called Clyde AI was created in the year 2020 with the goal of helping users choose the best credit card option. Let’s examine more closely how this first-rate service can improve our lives.

Clyde AI Review: Now you can compare Credit Cards easily!
Clyde AI Review: Now you can compare Credit Cards easily!

A fascinating startup called claims to support you in selecting the finest cards and banks. Clyde splits credit cards into groups according to the benefits they provide to the user. As a result, it will assist you in locating the right card for your needs in light of the data gleaned from your bank records. is a new solution that seeks to address a market issue we weren’t even aware we have, even though there is still potential for development. At least some of us, that is.

However, some of the most astounding services and devices we use now are things we never even dreamed would be a part of our life and how they look at us now. Without businesses like Uber, Airbnb, Apple, and many more, it is impossible for us to picture our lifestyles. We at Tekpon think that Clyde will soon become indispensable in our lives thanks to its Artificial Intelligence system.

How does work?

You must first register for an account. Next, check the email account you used to open the account and confirm it. Good, you’ve got a user account now.

Third, choose the bank you’re using and input your login information. No concerns, the company gives the security issues particular attention. In other words, they employ Plaid to encrypt and shield your login information from

Fourth, Clyde computes your annual card reward values using artificial intelligence. Fifth, you can link as many banks as you’d like to your account. It would be beneficial if you could be patient and let the AI calculate all the figures for you.

Finally, will offer you a breakdown of your spending behavior and present you with the best credit cards for you based on their highest value.

Financial service provider Plaid makes it possible for organisations like to transfer bank financial data via a secure system. Additionally, Plaid essentially connected financial apps to banks globally using a single API. Above all, the crucial aspect of Plaid and the reason it’s great that Clyde entered the major league are:

  • Data protection
  • robust authentication
  • Structure for the cloud
  • Strong Monitoring

Finally, and in plain English, rest assured that your sensitive financial data is protected and safe. Consequently, Clyde cannot access your credentials and cannot see anything.

AI system for calculating rewards:

Clyde uses artificial intelligence, as was already said, to calculate your yearly card rewards worth and recommend the best credit cards for you.

This is especially amazing to us because we work with financial items. Meaning that while interacting with others, people frequently act based on their emotions rather than their rationale. In contrast, artificial intelligence does away with those factors and provides you with the greatest outcomes in terms of mathematics. Also remember that as AI interacts with more clients over time, it gets better and better.

Of course, we like the product, and we look forward to interacting with and testing out the AI in the future. Try it out and share your thoughts in the reviews area.

Why do You need Clyde.AI?

Let’s first consider the context. In the USA, there were 1.1 trillion registered credit cards in 2019, over three times as many as registered debit cards. Additionally, effectively summarises the ten different kinds of credit cards offered in the US:

Secured – Demands a down payment. The bank will essentially equal your deposit. For instance, if you deposit $1,000, your card may receive $1,000 in credit.
You can move credit card debt from one card to another via a balance transfer.
Travel Rewards – In essence, it assists you in accumulating bonus or travel points that you may later exchange for accommodations, travel, etc. They typically charge an annual fee, so use caution.
Get fantastic incentives at petrol stations with gas. Cash-backs are the most typical.
Cashback – Receive a percentage of cashback as rewards for each purchase.
Student – Awarded to students trying to establish credit and with little or no credit history.
Large merchants typically issue these two types of retail products:

Fintech: The upheaval in the credit card business. They transform the sector by removing costs, introducing applications, and altering the way that consumers settle their debt.

Credit Score:
Furthermore, it takes into account examining your lifestyle in addition to the vast variety of credit cards. Clyde also assists you in assessing and raising your credit score. Now, we can assume with some confidence that Americans are highly familiar with the expression. Your creditworthiness is expressed numerically by your credit score. This data is gathered from credit bureaus and has an impact on your ability to obtain credit.

To sum up, we believe that can offer a detailed recommendation of a service you should look into to save money and keep your personal finances under control thanks to the variety of credit cards it manages. So, if this doesn’t persuade you to use their services, we’re not sure what would.

Let’s continue with our review to learn more about the costs and available options.

Pricing for Clyde.AI:

Without discussing the cost, this review wouldn’t be complete, right?

A free product designed to blow your mind, Clyde. It is a recommendation service that creates results from bank statement data-driven AI solutions. Some financial products pay them in exchange for the services they provide.

There is, however, no cause for concern. Just pay attention to how the options are presented and choose the one that best suits your needs.

How come is free?

Because it decides to charge the financial institution rather than charging individuals, Saas is free. Since Clyde employs AI to generate the results, the only factor that varies is the position of the results that are shown. the quality of the result is guaranteed. So, pay attention to the outcomes, do the math, and choose what you actually require. Alternatives:

There are many services offered that are similar to what Clyde offers, given how common personal financial products like credit cards are in the USA. As a result, the following are some of the best substitutes, and rival offers several of these as well:

  • Mr. Credit Card
  • Credit Karma Review Summary

In conclusion, is a great SaaS for credit card comparison that excels in security and provides honest credit card options that are right for you. The tool also has an excellent UX, is quick and simple to use, and is free. Results will be delivered to you quickly. AI-driven goods are fantastic. Therefore, we advise you to give it a try and provide your feedback.

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