Chandrayaan-3: 2 of 3 Mission Objectives Complete, ISRO Update

Chandrayaan 3 achieves two out of three mission objectives: safe landing and rover exploration on lunar surface.


Indian Space Research Organisation releases a video showing the moon’s image captured by the Lander Imager Camera of the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft prior to touchdown on the lunar surface,


Chandrayaan 3 has completed a number of mission objectives days after landing on the lunar south pole. Two of the three objectives had already been accomplished, according to a Saturday evening update provided by the Indian Space Research Organisation. On the lunar surface, in-situ scientific investigations are still being carried out by the lander and rover. “Of the 3 mission objectives, the lunar surface landing demonstration was successfully completed. It is successful to demonstrate Rover wandering on the moon. Scientific in situ experiments are being carried out. The space agency tweeted that “all payloads are operating as intended.”

Earlier this week, the Chandrayaan-3 lander had successfully landed on the moon. India is the first nation to reach the south pole of the moon and the fourth nation to set foot there.



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