Can Ready Accountant Train 25,000 Students in 50 New Branches by 2025?

Can Ready Accountant Train 25,000 Students in 50 New Branches by 2025?

In a move set to reshape the landscape of financial education and training in India, Ready Accountant, a leading player in the field, has announced its ambitious expansion plans. The company is gearing up to open 50 new offline branches and aims to provide training to a staggering 25,000 students by the year 2025. This strategic initiative is expected to not only bolster Ready Accountant’s presence in the education sector but also contribute significantly to the development of skilled accountants across the country.


Expansion Targets:

Ready Accountant’s expansion targets are nothing short of impressive. The company intends to establish 50 new offline branches, strategically located across various cities and regions in India. This expansion will provide students with easier access to high-quality accounting education, enabling them to pursue careers in finance with confidence.

Empowering Future Accountants:

At the heart of this expansion plan is the mission to empower the future generation of accountants with top-notch training. By targeting a goal of 25,000 students trained by 2025, Ready Accountant aims to bridge the skills gap in the finance industry. The company is committed to equipping students with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the field of accounting.

Ready Accountant's programs also emphasise entrepreneurship.Read more at:
Ready Accountant’s programs also emphasise entrepreneurship.


Enhancing Accessibility:

The new offline branches will play a pivotal role in enhancing accessibility to Ready Accountant’s courses and resources. This move is expected to attract students from diverse backgrounds, including those in remote areas who might not have had access to quality accounting education otherwise.

Contributing to Skill Development:

Ready Accountant’s expansion aligns with the broader goal of skill development in India. As the demand for skilled accountants continues to grow in both the public and private sectors, the company’s efforts will contribute significantly to meeting this demand. Trained professionals will be better equipped to handle the intricacies of financial management and accounting, ultimately benefiting organizations and the economy at large.


Ready Accountant’s ambitious plans to open 50 new branches and train 25,000 students by 2025 mark a significant milestone in the education and training sector. As the company continues to empower aspiring accountants with the necessary skills and knowledge, it is poised to make a lasting impact on the finance industry in India. With increased accessibility and a commitment to excellence, Ready Accountant is on a path to shape the future of finance professionals in the country.


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