Aurora HDR review 2022, One of the Best Photo Editing tools

Aurora HDR review 2022, One of the Best Photo Editing tools

Aurora HDR is a feature-rich software that uses tone mapping technology based on artificial intelligence to expand your images’ dynamic range. You can combine shots of different exposures, capturing the full range of brightness.

Advanced users, who have experience with exposure merging, will find Aurora photo editor more suitable. While you can perform this process quite neatly and efficiently in the automated mode, Aurora photo editor can still be difficult for beginners to understand.

Aurora HDR review 2022, One of the Best Photo Editing tools
Aurora HDR review 2022, One of the Best Photo Editing tools

By automatically aligning and merging different frames, you can create an image that includes multiple exposures. Generally, Aurora HDR editing techniques are designed for use in lighting conditions with both glare and flare.

Complete Aurora HDR Review

You will be pleased with the quality of merging, as well as an impressive set of photo editing tools that will allow you to do just fine without professional photo editing software for PC. By creating personal filters, the embedded presets and LUTs can be further enhanced.

Moreover, you can save the finished work in the special Aurora HDR format “as.mprau2” or one of the popular formats: PNG, TIFF, JPEG, etc.

Unique Filters
Using the “Customizable Gradient”, contrast settings, HDR Enhance panel, and Image Radiance filter, you can transform your image.

When using some of those AI filters, just make a couple of mindful clicks to get a stunning result that is not artificial. They don’t need extra layers to do their jobs since they can be divided into top and bottom segments and adjusted separately.

Aurora Photo Editing Tool
Aurora Photo Editing Tool

Automated AI Functions

Aurora HDR has gained an increase in automated features controlled by artificial intelligence. Using the Quantum HDR Engine, the dynamic range can be improved slowly but with much quality. There will be no noise artifacts and no color fringing.

As a result of the Smart Tone, HDR Clarity, and HDR Smart Structure features, you can have more advanced tonal control over your shots. Skylum has also incorporated Shadow and Highlight controls into a few features, which has made a big difference as well.

HDR Fine-Tuning

By blending the layer with the mask or HDR effects, Skylum Aurora HDR is able to produce excellent merging results. The downside of all these complicated algorithms is the processing time since they require a lot of resources. Any additional adjustments are also blended seamlessly, resulting in a realistic and striking result.

Smart Image Enhancement Algorithm

You can quickly adjust the structure and micro-contrast of the image with the HDR enhancement panel, which is the main advantage of this product. Using the slider, you can extract fine details without creating unnatural, over-processed effects by slightly changing its position.

Great Work with Masks and Layers

In order to improve clarity or blur the image, you must add an adjustment layer to the dedicated panel. A mask can be added to it to limit its effect. Masks can be shaped manually by using white and black brushes, with circular or linear gradients, or automatically by using brightness levels.

Extensive Toolkit

It has a powerful toolkit, even though it is not as well known as some others, which opens up a wide range of possibilities for its users. You can make your image look natural and technically invisible by using some of them, such as Tone Mapping, HDR Denoise, Structure, etc.


  • A wide range of tonal and color settings
  • Plug-in support for third parties
  • Edits images non-destructively
  • Multilayered works
  • Smart photo editing tools


  • A powerful graphics card is required
  • Merging takes a long time

You can use Aurora HDR to combine shots of different exposures, capturing the full range of brightness, by using tone mapping technology based on artificial intelligence.

Any Aurora HDR review will point out the powerful merging and editing tools that allow you to create multi-layered compositions when working with photos despite it being complicated to use.

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