Review 2022, Check out here! Review 2022, Check out here
In the review, you’ll discover what the platform is all about, how to start using Audiobooks with its pros and cons, and the most important features. I will also discuss Audiobooks against other services for audiobooks like Audible One of the biggest rivals to as well as Amazon’s own response to this trend. Review 2022: is a reliable business. For the price of $14.95, you receive 1 book from the library that contains 300,000 audiobooks. You also get 2 book from their VIP Selection Access to a massive amount of podcasts. This is what makes stand out from its rivals, such as Audible. There are discounts on annual and semi-annual subscriptions. Review 2022, Check out here! Review 2022, Check out here!
What is was among the very first platforms created with the primary goal of giving users fast and accessible access to audiobooks allowing people to enjoy their favorite books while on the move. offers users accessibility to thousands of books for an affordable cost. As a business, they believe that reading quality books will improve your mood and will help you grow spiritually and intellectually. This is the belief that lies at the heart of their operations and is the reason they’re one of the few businesses who go above and over to provide exceptional customer service. Review: Pros and Cons



  • The app is cross-platform and allows users access to the audiobooks over your Internet, Amazon, and through Android as well as iOS devices.
  • The book narrators are articulate and highly skilled experts in their area.
  • You can keep all of your purchases for the duration you wish.
  • The credits you don’t use will carry into the next month. If you didn’t have time to read an audiobook in the month of March then there’s no worries. However, keep in mind that credits that are not used expire three months after they are added. If you do use credits to buy the book and the book is purchased, it will not expire. This is among the reasons I love as opposed with Scribd which doesn’t give you access to all the books available once your subscription has expired.
  • If you are tempted to use credit to purchase an ebook, you can listen to a 3 minute preview, and then decide if you are satisfied with the narration or not. In this way, you don’t be able to evaluate the book based on its cover, and you won’t invest your money in something you’re not going to enjoy.
  • There are many interesting features like live sync. Live sync will monitor your reading progress and if you close the book after a certain time in their app on the web and then open the book on your mobile device in the future, it will resume exactly where you had left off.
  • Allows users to download their favorite audiobooks to listen offline, which is beneficial if are in a region without Internet access.
  • If you encounter any issue, it is possible to call live support. They’re efficient and will be able to help solve any problem you may face.


  • The price is expensive for one audiobook ( compared to Scribd) however the additional credits aren’t too expensive. In addition, you get two
  • The VIP selection of books is available for purchase. selection every month as a reward. In 2022

Important Changes and New Features

In the year 2019 made major changes to their subscriptions and also introduced a variety of brand new functions. Let’s look back at and find out what they can offer you.

1. In the past, offered 1 audiobook for just $14.95. But, in addition to this one audiobook, each member has access to two additional books in the selection of VIP, which is a well-curated section that offers a huge selection of books that changes every month.

It appears that this is an ongoing change, and all members that joins, even trial members on a free trial, will receive 1 credit every month (equals one book) as well as 2 titles from their VIP (curated) collection.

2. has introduced an Family Plan that allows users to invite friends or family members to make use of one account on three different devices. This is similar to other services such as Audible (allows access to 3 gadgets) as well as Scribd (allows access to 6 devices, with the option of downloading for 4 devices). This is definitely a leap towards.

3. One of the features I believe I believe, helps stand apart from the rest is their podcast section, which has more than 72,000 podcasts. Each user is granted unlimited access to this section! It’s a unique feature that no other similar services have. You can search the podcasts according to groups, save them for later, save them to favorites or download them to your device and listen from anywhere. Free Trial

If you’re still not convinced you are convinced that is the best choice for you, You’ll get a free audiobook, plus two bonus audiobooks in the collection of VIP. You get 30 days in which to determine if you are satisfied with it or don’t. If, for any reason, you decide not to use you can end your trial within 30 days, and you will not be charged any fees.

Things to be aware of prior to you sign up to Free 30 Day Trial:


  • It is necessary to provide the details of your credit card at the time you sign up to try the service and you may be charged an unauthorized charge. However, don’t worry about it because this is just to verify your credit card and billing address and the transaction will be able be cancelled immediately (however there are instances where it can take 2-6 days before you receive an amount back). The pre-authorized amount is $14.95 that is the equivalent of a monthly cost.
  • Be aware that the trial starts when that you register. For instance when you sign up to try the trial for free on the 1st of September, but begin using the service on September 7 however, your trial will expire on September 30th, and you’ll be charged a monthly cost beginning on the 1st of October (if you do not cancel your subscription before the date).
  • If you decide to cancel your membership, you’ll be able to access all of your audiobooks that you previously purchased and any credit that is not being used up currently on your account. Notably, this is not the case for titles from the VIP selection which can only be accessed by active accounts.
  • If you sign up to trial for free, make an event reminder to your calendar to ensure that you don’t lose track of the day it expires. Before you make a decision, consider asking yourself a few questions. Did you like the experience? Do you believe it’s worth the cost? Have you listened at any of the podcasts? Did changed your life positively? I think that is a fantastic service. If you’re in agreement, take the time to join the service following the expiration of your trial. If you aren’t happy with it due to some reason, you can remove your trial at any time, with no obligations. is superior to the Audible service because for the price of $14.95 a month, you receive 3 premium audiobooks. Also, you have access to more than a million podcasts, which is an amazing deal. It is possible to download audiobooks as well as audiobooks, and listen offline while you’re on the move. VIP Selection: What Is It? VIP offers a premium collection of 150 books from various genres. The selection is updated every first day of each month. You can download two books for free in the first month that you sign up and then one book per month following this. They are the same ones which are available on Audible at $14.95 per. Also, with you can get them at no cost.

Can I Purchase Extra Books On

Absolutely! Like we said earlier, subscription plan includes one audiobook per month, and two additional books from their selection of VIP. If you require additional books, you can purchase them for a reasonable cost. There are many methods to go about it:

1. The first step is to check for “Deals” section. There are often “2 for 1” and other deals that are great.

2. InstaCredit is a simple option to purchase additional books without having to leave the application. This feature is only available if there is no credit remaining from the month before. All you need to do is activate the InstaCredit feature within the Settings menu and select the book you would like to purchase. Once you’ve done that, just follow the prompts.

3. The option to purchase a la carte is available only through the website. This option is only available on the website, and lets users purchase audiobooks without the use of credit cards.

What Is The Difference Between Audible and Audible service is most likely the most well-known subscription service available However, I believe that offers advantages too. The cost is similar with both options ($14,95 monthly) However, with Audible you get a monthly book and two Audible Originals in addition, with you will receive one book, plus two bonus books from their exclusive selection of books with unlimited accessibility to their audiobooks.


Audible and are both stocked with the exact same amount of titles, with Audible being slightly larger , but by just 25,000 titles (12 percent). Audible has a variety of excellent books when compared to This is a benefit for Audible. It is, however, is a rapidly expanding service, and it appears that they are getting caught up with their rival. Both platforms offer mobile apps that offer excellent features, including live sync. In truth, it’s difficult for me to pick one over the other, and determine which one is superior because it’s all dependent on the needs of your. What I would suggest is enrolling for a free trial for both of them and then determine which one best suits your requirements best
Does Affordability?
Yes, I believe that is an excellent service that offers a fast and responsive application, a broad selection in titles and affordable costs. The cost might be too high for some, however, before you decide there are some factors be aware of. First, the monthly audiobook can be kept by you. 


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